Mark Van Hoen 2016

Photo: Brian Young @_losingtoday

1/12/16 A video mixtape for Magnet Magazine

1/26/16 Release of “It’s Not Me" a cassette of new material on Geographic North

1/30/16 Live performance at Berghain, Berlin

1/31/16 Live performance at Cafe Oto, London

2/5/16 Live octophonic sound projection of Drøne plus selected works by Touch artists at the Dorothy Chandler Pavillion, Los Angleles

2/13/16 Live performance at Aeterna Gallery, Los Angeles

2/27/16 Live performance with Maria Minerva at Aeterna Gallery, Los Angeles

3/25/16 Live quadraphonic performance at Union Station, Los Angeles

4/12/16 Opening of Touch exhibition at Aeterna Gallery featuring works by Jon Wozencroft & myself

4/16/16 Release of Drøne’s ‘Reversing Into The Future on Pomperipossa Records. Release of vinyl edition of Locust’s 1997 LP “Morning Light” on Medical Records

4/30/16 Live at Volume Los Angeles with Philip Jeck and Bethan Parkes. Commencement of The Touch Conference series of events.

5/1/16 Live instore collaboration with Simon Scott and Philip Jeck @aQuariusrecOrds San Francisco

5/2/16 Live performance at Recombinant Media Labs San Francisco

5/3/16 Live performance with Philip Jeck at The Battery, San Francisco

5/4/16 Live at Holocene, Portland with Philip Jeck and Daniel Mensche

5/7/16 Live playback of Drøne “Reversing Into The Future” at the Chapel, Seattle.

5/23/16 Live appearance at Aeterna Gallery, Los Angeles

7/8/16 Release of a collection of previously unavailable recordings from 1992

7/28/16 Release of “Japan Plane #3 on Touched 3 - a compilation for Macmillan Cancer Support

7/30/16 Live at Touch Vinyl, Los Angeles with Bethan Kellough

8/6/16 Live at TSUTAYA O-NEST Tokyo with Vampilla and Krallice

8/18/16 Live at Conpass, Osaka with Vampilla

8/25/16 Release of a collection of previously unavailable recordings from 1993

9/19/16 Release of a collection of previously unavailable recordings from 1994

10/6/16 Live performance with Kara-Lis Coverdale and Marcus Fischer at Chapel Performance Space, Seattle

10/7/16 Live performance at New Forms Festival, Vancouver with Robert Hood, Pye Corner Audio, Lee Bannon, Kara-Lis Coverdale, Secret Pyramid and x/o

10/26/16 New digital-only album “The Visitor Released

11/25/16 Vinyl Edition of 1997 album “Last Flowers From The Darkness released on Medical Records

12/18/16 Digital release of my mini-album “It’s Not Me previously released as a cassette by Geographic North

12/22/16 Release of Drøne’s ‘Schubert Dip - a piece made from fragments of recordings of classical era music.

Episodes from my monthly show on Dublabcan be downloaded here